The Game



1- We advise you to come 10 minutes early so we can get you properly started with the game.
Timing is essential to keep every reservation running smoothly.
If you arrive to late, the time will be deducted from your 60 mins.

2- No Cameras, mobile phones, tablets, or any kind of device carrying a camera within the Room. Don’t worry you can still bring your smartphones, etc. And we will store them for you until the game ends.
Escape rooms are all about living the mystery of the moment and questioning every element in your essence. If you were to record and share what hides inside our rooms, then you will ruin the surprise for others.

3- Each Room is played by a team of min. 2 and max. 6 players.

4- You have 60 minutes to get out!
If you get out sooner, then congrats you beat the time, but after 60 minutes we are afraid to say the game is over. After the challenge is over you are welcome to talk to us and take some pictures.

5- Your mind is your most powerful instrument!
Please take care of the pieces and elements that make our room special so others can enjoy it too.
With that said think your way out, don’t force your way out.

6- We encourage you to grab, touch, feel and explore every element within the room! However some pieces have a “Do not move tag” (Mostly heavy furniture), Please respect this signs for your own safety and to preserve the room as it is.


This are some basic rules and advise on booking and playing our Escape Room. If you did not find all the answers you were looking for please read our FAQ’s section for more information or write us an email:



escape room salou tarragona eye iconAttention to Detail
Put every single piece of the puzzle together to get a clear image.

escape room salou tarragona mind iconAn Agile mind
Logic and common sense are your best weapons, but how fast can you load?

escape room salou tarragona lock iconMove forward
Don’t get stuck on one clue. Time matters and there’s a whole lot of clues to solve.

escape room salou tarragona idea iconThink Differently
Not everything is what it seams. Think outside the box to find your way out.

escape room salou tarragona success iconSuccess
A positive mind is key to success. You never know which key is the last one.